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The absolute bioavailability of citalopram was about 80 relative to an intravenous dose, and absorption is not affected by food.

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Heart diseaseheart failurea heart rhythm disorderslow heartbeatsor recent history of heart attack;

Getting a skin rash that may include itchyredswollenblistered or peeling skin wheezing tightness in the chest or throat having trouble breathing or talking swelling of the mouthfacelipstongueor throat.

Methadone can increase the risk of side effects in people taking citalopram.

Celexa and placebo groups were compared with respect to1mean change from baseline in vital signspulsesystolic blood pressureand diastolic blood pressureand2the incidence of patients meeting criteria for potentially clinically significant changes from baseline in these variablesThese analyses did not reveal any clinically important changes in vital signs associated with Celexa treatmentIn additiona comparison of supine and standing vital sign measures for Celexa and placebo treatments indicated that Celexa treatment is not associated with orthostatic changes.

Musculoskeletal System DisordersInfrequentarthritismuscle weaknessskeletal painRarebursitisosteoporosis.

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